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Bullcreek Physiotherapy was established in September 2002 in its current location. The practice is owned by Sania Musulin who is still currently treating at the practice. All physiotherapists are currently members of the Australian Physiotherapy Association. Bullcreek Physiotherapy have a hands on approach to treatment with emphasis on patient care and education on injury and management.

At Bullcreek Physiotherapy, we pride ourselves on individually tailored treatment approaches with a strong focus on manual therapy, exercise prescription and education on injury and management. We are proud of our excellent word of mouth reputation and endeavour to provide a pleasant and motivated treatment experience to ensure full resolution of symptoms.

Sania Musulin

Sania graduated from Curtin University in 1998 and has been working in private practice ever since.  She started Bullcreek Physiotherapy in 2002 and continues to work as the Principal Physiotherapist as well as being the managing Director.

Sania has had experience working with state level rugby union and soccer teams since 1997 and had the opportunity to work with Australian league soccer teams.   She has had experience liaising with sporting teams, coaches, families and other medical staff to ensure the best treatment rehabilitation result is achieved by the athlete.

Sania is passionate about helping people overcome their injuries so that they can lead active lifestyles. She enjoys treating a variety of musculoskeletal disorders such as back and neck pain, sporting injuries, headaches and men’s and women’s health. Sania has experience using the Real Time Ultrasound Imaging (RTUI) since 2002 and has a strong interest in using Clinical Pilates for rehabilitation of a variety of injuries after completing all four levels with DMA Pilates. She has also completed the Ridgway Method Paradigm, which offers a different approach to treating musculoskeletal injuries.

Helen Britza

Helen graduated from Curtin University in 2003 and has been a part of the Bullcreek Physiotherapy team since 2007.

Helen is particularly interested in musculoskeletal injuries, aged care and women’s health. She has had many years of experience working with the Real Time Ultrasound.  She believes exercise, particularly individualized, supervised Clinical Pilates, is an important part of rehabilitation and is keen to support patients to be able to progress to exercising independently and make long lasting changes in order to prevent recurrence of injuries or pain.

Natasha Glass

Tash is a Curtin University physiotherapy graduate who commenced working at Bullcreek Physiotherapy in 2013.  Tash has a keen interest in Clinical Pilates and also incorporates the Real Time Ultrasound for rehabilitation purposes.  Tash is interested in all musculoskeletal injuries with specific emphasis on back and neck ailments.

Tash actively participates in lots of different sports and is interested in sporting injuries because of this. She enjoys treating the younger sporting athlete and helping them overcome their injuries and has had extensive experience in helping people of all ages achieve their goals.

Janelle Sherburn

Janelle graduated from Curtin University in 2011 and has a keen interest in musculoskeletal and sports injuries. She enjoys musculoskeletal injuries with specific emphasis on back and neck ailments, as well as knee injuries.

Janelle has completed all four levels of DMA Pilates and enjoys incorporating this approach to rehabilitation as well as the Real Time Ultrasound. Janelle has completed the Ridgway Paradigm which offers a different approach to treating musculoskeletal injuries. She has also completed training in Dry Needling which can help with muscle releases during treatments.

Stephanie Musulin

Stephanie is also a Curtin University graduate and enjoys working with all age groups to assist people gain their goals with physiotherapy. She has had previous experience working with the older clientele in getting them fit for gymnasium based exercises.

Stephanie has participated in DMA Clinical Pilates training and enjoys helping people with their injuries and getting them active again utilising this treatment approach. Steph has also been trained in utilising the Real Time Ultrasound for assessment and rehabilitation purposes.

Stephanie has a keen interest in neck pain and lower limb sporting injuries. She particularly enjoys working with children and helping them overcome injuries.

Jeremy Paull

Jeremy graduated from Curtin University with a Masters of Physiotherapy after completing a Bachelor of Science in the United States, where he also played collegiate basketball.

Jeremy enjoys treating musculoskeletal and sport injuries and has an emphasis on manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation.

Jeremy has experience working with elite rugby players and thoroughly enjoys treating shoulder and knee injuries. He loves working with people of all ages to help them reach their goals and improve their quality and satisfaction of life.


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