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Manual physical therapy  involves restoring mobility to stiff joints and reducing muscle tension in order to return the patient to more natural movement without pain. ART – Active Release Technique is a form of manual therapy often used by our Physiostherapists as a form of treatment. As a group, manual physical therapy techniques are aimed at relaxing tense muscles and restricted joints in order to decrease pain and increase flexibility. In general, manual physical therapy techniques employ the following types of movement:

Joint mobilisation

Our physiotherapists are trained to use graded mobilisations of spinal joints as well as peripheral joints like shoulder, ankle, hip and other joints. Joint mobilisation usually involves a small, repetitive movement or gliding movement of the joint within its normal range of motion or a high speed controlled movement.

Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation

We use soft tissue mobilization techniques to move fluids when swelling or edema is present. Muscles surrounding spine and joints are usually being treated by soft tissue mobilization techniques or releases with or without joint movement.

Soft tissue mobilisation

Soft tissue mobilisation techniques are used to break up scar tissue and soften fibrous muscles, increase the flexibility and decrease restrictions.

Getting You Moving

In conjunction with Manual Therapy sessions, our Physiotherapist may also integrate other treatment modalities and specific exercise. Consistent with our treatment philosophy, education plays an important role in restoring our patients’ correct functioning, allowing the patient to play a more active and integrated role in their recovery. Each treatment plan is customized to the individual patient as we work together towards a common goal of restored health.


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