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Developing good core stability is an excellent idea- but emphasis needs to be on retraining these muscles in a variety of different movements and poses.  After an injury, your body might not be working efficiently for you, which could cause a re-injury or other injuries to occur.  Our Physiotherapists use a variety of exercise rehabilitation approaches in improving the recruitment and muscle strength after injuries.  These include weight training, resistance bands, rollers, balance and progressive proprioceptive exercises, as well as the Clinical Pilates Movement Based Classification & Treatment (MCBT) approach. Our Physiotherapists will utilise all of these methods to provide the most appropriate program to assist each individual situation to recruit stabilising muscles and improve your strength, co-ordination and stability.


The physiotherapist will utilise both the Clinical Pilates MBCT approach as well as other exercise prescription principals to improve the strength of your big and small postural and stability muscles. Each exercise program also focuses on improving your balance and stability by assisting the body to work more efficiently and appropriate muscle strengthening and motor recruitment.


Each client will be initially assessed by a Physiotherapist to identify muscle imbalances and other biomechanical faults.  All our physiotherapists utilise the DMA Clinical Pilates MBCT approach for individual assessment to ensure that the most appropriate programme is devised based on the individual’s specific injuries and needs.


All sessions involve individual assessments prior and post each session. All participants have their own program that is supervised and continually assessed within the hour to ensure all rehabilitation goals are being achieved. This provides individualised exercise treatment and rehabilitation during every session.


Utilising Clinical Pilates MBCT is an effective rehabilitation method to improve co-ordination and recovery from a variety of different musculoskeletal injuries. This combined with our specific individualised exercises is an excellent way to develop a very specific rehabilitation program for each individual.

Exercise Rehabilitation Sessions

At Bullcreek Physiotherapy, patients are initially assessed by a Physiotherapist to ascertain certain muscle strengths, weaknesses, tightness and any other biomechanical faults. An appropriate Rehabilitation programme is then devised for the individual.

Our Physiotherapists have undergone courses with DMA Pilates and this combined with other exercise rehabilitation principles provide an effective way of exercising post injury. The physiotherapists all use the same philosophy and treatment guidelines. These exercise sessions classes are aimed at assisting the individual to self-manage their symptoms, and the ability to continue on with their program independently is encouraged when appropriate.

Our Exercise Rehabilitation Sessions have up to three people only to ensure that appropriate supervision is given. Exercise modalities such as rollers, wobble boards, resistance bands and weights as well as Clinical reformers and trapeze tables are used in the sessions. Health fund rebates are available by many private health insurance funds.


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