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Bullcreek Physiotherapy is passionate about assisting each individual on reaching their individual rehabilitation goals. We focus on helping you figure out your goals, how to achieve them and then educate you to continue to do this independently.   Each treatment program is individualised and is based on the findings of a thorough assessment completed by one of our physiotherapists.

Joint Rehabilitation

Our Physiotherapists work closely with you to develop an individual plan to ensure effective rehabilitation and long term mobility.

Muscle Rehabilitation

Muscle rehabilitation can vary between a simple strengthening program for specific weaknesses or a longer term program to retrain postural muscles and correcting bad habits to ensure maximum recovery and long term benefits

Post Operation

Post-surgery rehabilitation such as knee, shoulder and ankle injuries often benefit from a specific rehabilitation program aimed at progressing people back to full health and fitness. We work closely with a variety of Specialists to ensure that the client has a very clear and effective rehabilitation program.

Sports Injuries

Treatment for sports injuries includes injury management and assisting full recovery as quickly as possible. We work closely with Sports Doctors to ensure that all sporting injuries ranging from school aged children to the older client are treated effectively to ensure full return to function and sport where possible.


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Physiotherapy Rehabilitation sole objectives are pain relief, functional improvement or maintenance, training in essential activities, and functional testing of areas such as strength, mobility, and coordination.


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