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Our physiotherapists have had extensive experience in treating musculoskeletal injuries and sports injuries. Your visit includes an assessment of joint ranges of motion, pain level, muscle imbalances, functional movement and the impact the injury has had on your daily life and athletic activities. The next step is to plan a treatment protocol to not only address the pain and help the injured tissues to heal but also to assist you to gradually and safely return to your regular and favourite sporting activities. Each treatment program is specific to your physical demands and the level at which you wish to resume activity.

Rotator cuff tears

Physiotherapy management may include a variety of manual techniques to release tight muscles and structures as well as to speed up tissue healing. Focus is on strengthening and stabilization of supporting musculature and education of activity and management with this injury.

ACL injuries

ACL injuries require specific focus on stability in rehabilitation.  Our physiotherapists have experience with rehabilitating ACL injuries both non-operatively as well as post-operative rehabilitation programs progressing from strength, stability and agility goals.  We have experience liaising with treating Specialists, families, coaches and other health professionals to ensure optimal rehabilitation.

Tendon and ligament sprains or tears

There are many tendon and ligament injuries in the body that need appropriate rest and gradual recommencement to exercising again. There are also injuries where keeping the damaged or injured body part active can actually be beneficial. Our physiotherapists are highly trained to assess each injury and to provide appropriate guidance on exercise recommencement and rehabilitation goals for individual injuries.

Sports Injuries

Getting You Moving

We have been providing Physiotherapy to individuals of all athletic levels since we opened our doors. From recreational athletes and weekend warriors, to competitive athletes and high level runners. Physiotherapy for sports injuries can be thought of as a sub-specialization of traditional Orthopaedic Physiotherapy, one that focuses on the unique injuries of athletes, and their sport-specific recovery and injury prevention needs.


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